Lesson 3
Volley and slice
Alexandr Kochkin
Volley and slice allow you to diversify the game and make it more effective from a tactical point of view. Some of the most important, in my opinion, exercises for these hits are in this lesson.
Exercise 1. Punching the ball on a racket is the easiest and the first task that will help you learn how to play on the volley and slice.
Exercise 2. It is important to remember the basic principles of playing on volley so that the head of the racket is higher than the hand, higher than the handle of the racket. You need to meet the ball in front of you, so the elbows are pushed forward relative to the body. You can learn to play consistently on the volley playing with the wall.
Exercise 3. Exercise will help to establish the consistency of the arms and legs.
Exercise 4. The exercise in associative form helps to understand how to play the ball with a slice.
Exercise 5. It will be better if you perform a slice from the front leg. This exercise will help to feel this sense of the center of gravity.
Exercise 6. Playing along the net will allow you to establish the stability of your slices, as there will be a visual guide in the form of a net. Also, to develop the stability of the slice, I recommend using the game against the wall.
If you've completed this lesson, move on to the next one. You can repeat the exercises or go back to the previous lesson. Good luck on the court!
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