Lesson 2
Alexandr Kochkin
You need to process the backhand no less attention than the forehand, to the opponent on the court does not even think about playing your backhand, as a weak hand. Some drills are useful for both the backhand and the forehand— use them to practice hits.
Exercise 1. Isolate the bottom of the body to feel what should be in the upper parts of the body and in the arms when hitting backhand. You can do the same drill while sitting on a chair.
Exercise 2. Isolate the lower body to get a feel for what should be happening in the upper torso and arms in a backhand. You can do the same exercise while sitting on a chair.
Exercise 3. The leading hand in a two-handed backhand is left. We develop the movement of pronation with the left hand.
Exercise 4. Despite the fact that the leading hand when hitting backhand is left, we bring the racket to the ball, we take out with our right hand.
Exercise 5. Helps to better feel what is happening at the moment the racket meets the ball. Improves ball feel when hitting a backhand.
Exercise 6. An effective drill to help the player move forward after a hit
If you've completed this lesson, move on to the next one. You can repeat the exercises or go back to the previous lesson. Good luck on the court!
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