Lesson 4
Alexandr Kochkin
Without a serve, the game cannot start. In order for the serve to become your forte and give you an advantage in the game, you need to start with basic principles.
Exercise 1. Introduction. Racket grip. In my opinion, it is very important to start learning how to serve at any age with a proper racket grip. Continental or hammer grip is the most suitable for this.
Exercise 2. General serve pattern.
Exercise 3. It is desirable to perform a ball toss with a racket to develop consistency.
Exercise 4. We connect the entire movement of the serve, not focusing on the accuracy of the hit.
Exercise 5. We master the loop-like movement of throwing the ball from behind the head.
Exercise 6. We work on the consistency of the right and left hands.
Exercise 7. Taking the racket under the neck, we make the racket lighter, which allows us to master the acceleration loop.
Exercise 8. We escort the racket to the right, mastering the pronation in impact.
Exercise 9. Progression of the previous exercise, but with the racket to the left side of the body.
Exercise 10. Serve from the racket-to-fence position. Extending the feed motion by one more step.
Exercise 11. Allows you to exclude the racket from stopping behind your back at the moment of acceleration to the ball. By stopping the racket, we lose most of the impact energy.
Exercise 12. We develop the rotation of the body when serving and the acceleration loops of the racket.
Exercise 13. A shifting center of gravity drill that will add speed to your serve.
Exercise 14. It is allowed to serve both with this step and without it.
Exercise 15. A life hack that will allow you not to step your front foot over the line during the serve.
Exercise 16. The serve in jumping will be more powerful than without it.
Exercise 17. An exercise that helps to improve the accuracy of the serve, especially if you often have the ball flying out of bounds along the length.
Exercise 18. Add awareness and accuracy, learn to aim at the service square zones.
If you've completed this lesson, move on to the next one. You can repeat the exercises or go back to the previous lesson. Good luck on the court!
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