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Game mindset
Alexandr Kochkin
Online course Game Mindset - game exercises on the court that will help you to make your game more conscious. Tennis is a very fast game and in order to play productively and win, it is important to be able to make the right decision on the court quickly.

These 22 exercises will help you diversify the game and make your practices more interesting.

I hope that after watching the course, you will have new ideas to improve your training and your game. Play smart!

Exercise 1. Playing on the score with slices only.
A good exercise for the ball feeling and slice. It will help to stir up the players at the beginning of the training.

Exercise 2. Spanish cross.
This exercise will help develop volley and to the net.
Exercise 3. Rally with moving around the court.
A ball control will help add stability to your game.

Exercise 4. Beat the player at the net.
This exercise will help you to learn how to win an opponent at the net.

Exercise 5. Running to the net.
Dynamic exercise. Helps you learn not to be afraid to move forward
Exercise 6. Game "The kitchen".
A fun exercise will make you turn on your brains during the game and increase concentration
Exercise 7. Hitting the line and going to the net.
The classic version of the attacking combination
Exercise 8. Ball spin playing.
The game drill will help control the ball along the length of the court
Exercise 9. Play volley - candle.
Game drill for orientation in space and dexterity
Exercise 10. Serve - running to the net.
Attack combination
Exercise 11. Exercise "Eight".
The classic drill for the rally and controlling the movement
Exercise 12. Attack from the 5th hit.
Game exercise will make your practices more interesting
Exercise 13. Change the rhythm of the game.
A difficult task to change the pace of the game, will help develop differentiation
Exercise 14. Game "Snot".
A fun ball feeling challenge for the start or end of the practice

Exercise 15. Playing in different stances.
In this exercise, one of the players will have to keep track of which stance he plays
Exercise 16. Attack from the first hit.
This exercise will help you learn how to attack short balls.
Exercise 17. Playing with slice along the line and draw.
Another combination that starts the draw

Exercise 18. Split step at the moment of the opponent's hitting.
The drill will help remind the player about the split step.

Exercise 19. Rally along the lineout. Ball control exercise
Exercise 20. Game in ascending order every 2nd ball.
A challenging exercise that will help sharpen the game and make more winners
Exercise 21. Diagonal right and left with return to center Control the ball diagonally.
The most popular shot in tennis
Exercise 22. Diagonal from the left, running under the blow from the right and playing along the line.
A game combination that will help you dictate your terms on the court
Exercise 23. Game task - play only diagonally Playing diagonally only will force players to move around the court and make decisions quickly.
Alternate these exercises and try to use them in training. Good luck on the court!
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