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Forehand. We will analyze the forehand in detail in the course on technique and you will have no more questions about how to play strongly and accurately on the right. Look at the exercises in this part of the course.
Exercise "Pronation with racket". We hit the ball, focusing only on the moment the racket meets the ball.
Exercise "Catch up with the ball." The pronation task helps to begin to feel the length of the court.
Exercise "With a stick behind your back." Another task that helps and literally forces the player to make a turn of the body upon impact (can also be used when practicing a backhand).
Serve can be your forte in the game!
Exercise "Serving without stopping the racket behind the back." Allows you to exclude the racket from stopping behind your back at the moment of acceleration to the ball. By stopping the racket, we lose most of the impact energy.
An exercise that helps to improve the accuracy of the serve, especially if you often have the ball flying out of bounds along the length.
As part of the technique course, we develop agility, orientation in space, a sense of rhythm, reaction, balance, plyometrics, differentiation and coordination of movements.
Exercise for the development of reaction and orientation in space
Exercise for the development of reaction, differentiation, orientation in space, dexterity
As part of the "Game Mindset" course, you will find game exercises on tactics and developing the ability to quickly make the right decision on the court
Hitting the line and going to the net. The classic version of the attacking combination
Playing in different positions. In this exercise, one of the players will have to keep track of which stance he plays
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